21 May 2020 ~ Faith and Ruth Koh

Always a pleasure to do art with these 2 sweet little girls, but this time under different circumstances…

This is what I see on my end…

And them, excitedly showing me what they have done… 😄

And this is what is happening on the other end of Zoom…

Thank God for parents! 😆

Circuit Breaker has changed the way Art lessons are held… even Art lessons, where the emphasis is on creativity and personal response! It is all too easy to carry out cookie-cutter Art activities through on-line videos. The challenge is to be able to engage students and allow them to project their individualities through their Art.

I realise that every lesson planned during this Circuit Breaker period, is a bit of an experiment, even if I have taught these lessons before, face-to-face. I can never be sure if the lesson will turn out as fun as I imagine it to be or be engaging enough…

But the lesson today has bolstered me on to trudge ahead…


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20 – 21 May 2020 ~ Reid Jette

Painting from observation through Zoom!

What do you all think? I am pretty proud of him!

Will update a picture of the final work once we get to meet up! 😄

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14 May 2020 ~ Reid Jette

Building confidence step-by-step…

Can you tell yet, what Reid is most crazy over? 😆✈️🛫🛬🛩

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11 May 2020 ~ Reid Jette

Wow, Wow, Wow! Look at Reid’s pieces after our lesson on 16 April!

Unfortunately, I am sure the photos don’t do justice to his hardwork… Can’t wait to personally take a photo of these works! 😃

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11 May 2020 ~ Reid Jette

The way lessons are held these days…

Still pleased with the outcome 🙂!

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1 May 2020 ~ Reid Jette

Finally, this is done and ready!

So proud of Reid’s achievement! He did this all by himself! 👏👏👏

All the best, Reid! 😀

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23 April 2020 ~ Reid Jette

Thought we can continue this piece when we next meet up face-to-face… but I guess it’s not going to happen anytime soon, given that the Circuit Breaker is extended 😅…

So, no choice… this is today’s setup… remote teaching…

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16 April 2020 ~ Reid Jette

All set for the first online private lesson with Reid through Zoom… Let’s see how it works out! 😬

First time ever doing this, so, the setup got really clumsy with a mirror pulled in to help orientate the image in the right direction! 😅

Without this first, clumsy try, though, there will be no improvement! Let’s see how we can solve this next round…

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7 April 2020 ~ Reid Jette

Coming along nicely!

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5 April 2020 ~ Reid Jette

Spent half a lesson today, discussing about still-life arrangement – what to look out for in selecting objects and how to achieve interesting, focused and balanced composition.

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5 April 2020 ~ Tao Qi

Drawing her dream room in one-point perspective and adding all the things she loves! 😀

Nice work, Taoqi! 👍

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5 April 2020 ~ Reid Jette

All his own efforts… for a school competition! 👍

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3 April 2020 ~ Zebina Tock

Slowly coming together…

Can’t resist an artistic shot while she works! 😁

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26 March – 3 April 2030 ~ Rayner Jette

I love planning these multi-modal projects! And seeing how each child inject in their own personality and sense of fun into each artwork!

According to Rayner, this is his family, sitting on lily-pads around a huge lily-pad table, waiting for dinner! 😂 The lily-pad chairs and tables are on different levels!

He gave great thoughts to what colour combination each family member should be.

Love this, Rayner! Good job! 👏👏👏

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24 March – 2nd April 2020 ~ Yuko Chan

Look at Yuko’s frogs! Love the thought she put into the colour and patterns of each frog!

All her frogs waiting for their habitat to be ready!

Beautiful and fresh lily pads!

Can’t wait for everything to be put together! 😆

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31 March 2020 ~ Reid Jette

Most important tip to bring out the black and white piece is the contrast in tones!

Good job, Reid! Practice makes perfect!

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22 – 31 March 2020 ~ Rayner Jette

Using Our Gifts To Serve

Rayner worked hard on this piece so that he can submit this for his school based competition.

Really cute to see the different levels of boys and girls bringing their gifts to school. 😀

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29 March 2020 ~ Reid Jette

Honing observational skills… Practice makes perfect!

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29 March 2020 ~ Koen Chua

Koen is a real fast learner! After showing him how to fold a frog, he made 6 more on his own and managed to paint all of them! All in 1.5 hours! 😄

7 froggies for 7 members of his family, including his grandparents.

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29 March 2020 ~ Tao Qi

Understanding and applying one-point perspective.

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